Donald Trump calls Stewart Rahr to the stage

Guests at the Caron Renaissance Gala, held at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, were shocked when self-made Pharmaceutical billionaire Stewart Rahr, who was guesting with Donald Trump at the club, stumbled into the gala dressed in a purple sweater and jeans (while others were appropriately dressed in black tie). He was looking for The Donald who was the gala’s Honorary Chairman. At that moment Chairwoman Petra Levin was onstage announcing the record amount of $700,000 that had been raised.

While Jon Secada was onstage crooning, Rahr signaled to Petra, who soon after approached Rahr, who stated, “I’m a friend of Donald’s and I want to give $1—plus $300,000 so you can, in honor of Donald and Melania, boast of raising over $1 million for the organization.” Petra, wondering who this guy dressed like this was, asked Donald if he’s legit to which Trump replied, “That’s the real deal.” Petra then interrupted Secada in the middle of his medley to announce what the man in the jeans just donated, “which brings us to over $1 million.” Donald then came up to the stage ordering Rahr up as well, and stated, “Look at this poor slob dressed like this, but he’s the real deal and I’m honored.”

Just goes to prove that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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Stewart and Carol Rahr Donald Trump with Petra Levin
and wife Melania
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Leigh and Denver Smith Paulette and Ron Koch
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Jana and John Scarpa, Annie Falk Jon Secada, Robert and
Martha DeForest
Howard and Julie Rudolph, Tricia and Rick Kietel
Neville and Lana Marks, Tiffany and Simon Isaacs
photos by Lucien Capehart
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