Summer-ing it up

Even though the summer got off to a rainy start, it was a fabulous Hamptons season of fun, beach walks, relaxing by the pool with a margarita, shopping at our fabulous boutiques, driving along scenic back roads, visiting farm stands, bumping into old friends and making new ones, looking up at the starlit evening sky with all the wonder and beauty of this magnificent place on earth that we are so lucky to have as an escape from our busy NYC lives, and taking in the wonderful marathon of glam philanthropic parties.


Highlights of Summer 2013
Here are just a few of the sumptuous events this summer that light up the luxe pages of this issue of Hampton Sheet—caviar for the senses!

The oh-so-chic Parrish Museum Midsummer Party, hosted at its slick new Water Mill space, was fresh and fabulous, dahhhlings (p. 4). Southampton Hospital’s stepped-up Summer Party (p. 6), hosted by Jean Shafi roff and Audrey Gruss, and held at the new Art Southampton pavilion, was simply divine—with dinner, dancing, and . . . air conditioning! Then I take you to the Watermill Center Summer Benefi t, Devil’s Heaven—which was all about art, if you want to call some of those shocking live nudies “art”! I’m talking about the “let it all hang out” art, not fit to print in this publication (and we’re no prudes). Check out Lady Gaga, a guest who fi t right in with the theme (p. 8). I also take you to the oh-so-glam Rita Hayworth kickoff party for the Alzheimer’s Association’s October 22 gala at the Waldorf (p. 26).

Publicist and bon vivant Catherine Saxton gives us the scoop on the other playground for the global super-rich—St.-Tropez—where she mingled with the A-list set (p.10). For you horsey types, check out opening day at the Bridgehampton Polo Club (p. 10). And stay in the know with real estate mogul Dottie Herman’s “Ask Elliman” column, not to mention the Million Dollar Listing New York fi nale (p.12).

Turn to our entertainment section (p. 20) for Jeffrey Lyons’s movie and cable reviews, where he fawns over season 4 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s new Masters of Sex. And for you book worms, there’s the “Literary Lowdown” for the latest hot reads (p. 24).


Moving Forward
Turn to The Sheet’s “Hot Dates” for the best of the best upcoming galas and happenings of the fall season (p. 34). My faves: the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala (Sept. 17); NYC Ballet Fall Gala (Sept. 19); Museum of Arts and Design LOOT Gala Benefi t (Oct. 1); Hamptons Film Festival (Oct. 8 through 14); Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Symposium Luncheon (Oct. 15); Rita Hayworth Gala (Oct. 22); the Angel Ball (Oct. 29); and Audrey Gruss’s Hope for Depression Luncheon (Nov. 7). It’s all in The Sheet’s “Hot Dates”!


Three Blind Mice & More
Which photographer befriended a ubiquitous socialite to weasel into a free weekend at her Hamptons estate? The socialite was warned to watch her silverware, as the photographer was once caught at the Waldorf going around clipping utensils from tables at the end of a gala.

Which socialite is said to be sending death threats to a growing number of prominent ladies within the golden triangle of New York, the Hamptons, and Palm Beach? And why? Nobody knows—they just say she’s nuts!

Which highfalutin so-called “writer” crashes parties when he’s not escorting a socialite? And, when asked to leave, refuses and kicks up such a fuss that they let him stay?!

Which iconic actor who divorced and then remarried his wife admits his worst fear is: “My wife going on The Real Housewives of New York”?

Which Hollywood actress is quoted as saying in a recent biography, “Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t beautiful. . . . She was pretty. I was beautiful.”

And That’s Not All, Folks! Stay tuned in to my 1010WINS reports from the red carpet—Joan Jedell’s Red Carpet Scoop—to stay in the know.

I’ll see you at the party!

Enjoy The Sheet!


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