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  • Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014
WE must be on the verge of spring. Here comes Joan Jedell’s “Hampton Sheet” with a cover of the adorable, sexy Sofia Vergara!

I see that Joan refers to Sofia as Va-Va Vergara on the cover and she is most certainly that — the “stand-out” star of the popular “Modern Family” series on TV.

It’s hard to find, or be, an enduring star these flighty changeable days. But Sofia has met the challenge with her sense of humor.

I saw Vergara recently on one of the home shopping channels, promoting her new fragrance, “Sofia.” During a flood of compliments from the lady who was helping her sell the scent, Sofia said, “This is all good to hear but you know, I’m no spring chicken. I’ve been acting for 24 years.” She paused, laughed and said, “Can you believe that? And now I finally have this!” And she smooshed the perfume bottle close to her gorgeous face.

Sofia is definitely somebody you invite to a party. Because she’s fun!