Make America Pie Again

If you're a longtime Hampton Sheet reader, you have become accustomed to my yearly guides. Whether it is my guide to entomology, my guide to party crashers (you know who you are), or my guide to ditching your summer lover, I am always striving to give my readers the best tips and handiest advice.

In the spirit of Independence Day, I can think of nothing more American than apple pie. So, my dear readers, I present you with Joan Jedell's Guide to Apple Pies.


This pie is typically ordered when your date asks if you want "dessert" and you let your date know you have zero intention of doing the horizontal mambo.


Best loved by nerds (we all adore nerds here at Hampton Sheet), this pie has only 3.141519... slices.


For domestically challenged Manhattanites who accidentally drop their iPhone into baked goods, there is the Apple ® Apple Pie. Ooops, butterfingers!


It is also taste-free!


Apparently this pie has been unavailable in the United States since we withdrew from the Paris climate accord...

Apple Pie à la Mode

No, it's not some hoity-toity way of saying "apple pie with ice cream." This delectable apple dessert is for those who want to eat only the latest, most derigueur culinary delight. Seeing that once something becomes mainstream, it is no longer popular (read: cronuts), I'll only tell you where you can purchase this pie in person.


Whatever you do, keep these away from your husband.


Because people rarely consume this pie in the metropolitan New York, D.C., and Los Angeles areas, it is extremely hard to find. I can think of quite a few people who need a good serving of this tasty dessert.

And now, To Sir With Love...

Sir Paul McCartney inspired us to feature him on the cover this month. He's turning 75, Sgt. Pepper's is 50, and Sir Paul is out there touring like a teenager. He also seemed like a natural cover for the Fourth of July since the former and always Beatle spends about as much time in the U.S. as he does in his other home of Great Britain. For the famous Concert for New York City after 9/11, McCartney even introduced a new song called "Freedom." It couldn't have been more appropriate. He's also very forward thinking, never resting on his laurels. And he's a Hamptons homeboy. We salute you, Paul McCartney! The cover art is inspired by The Beatles Story, a promotional album from the height of Beatlemania.

Thank you for the story, Roger Friedman. And thanks to Kevin Mazur for your wonderful photos of this musical icon.

Also in this issue, read about the fabulous HBO reigning queen of documentaries, Sheila Nevins, and all about her new tome, You Don't Look Your Age . . . and Other Fairy Tales, by Jill Brooke. A great read! Then head to the Palm Beach section for the Best of the Best events of the season. Dr. Neil Sadick tells us about the new and exciting techniques for hair, face, skin, and body in our Guest Spot column. Jeffrey Lyons reviews his favorite latest films, while Aubrey Reuben tells you what's happening on Broadway. And check out our events calendar for some fun summer ideas...

Not to mention all the beautiful galas within these pages. And you may see your close-up among the swells!