Over the last 15 years The Hampton Sheet has generated continual excitement in the press. Hailed for its glamour, gossip, and controversy by Time, Newsweek, Media Week, The New York Post, The New York Times, and many others, The Sheet has raised eyebrows within high society and the mainstream media alike. Browse through the press clips below to find out for yourself what everyone is saying about The Sheet!

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  • I ALWAYS like getting my hands on Joan Jedells "The Hampton Sheet."


  • Posted: Tuesday, Se[tember 2, 2014
Nicole Kidman on the cover of The Hampton Sheet (September 2014).

Franco and Kidman no stranger to gossip.
HARD TO imagine but true: Gorgeous, glamorous, Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman tells Roger Friedman in an exclusive interview for Joan JedellHampton Sheet Labor Day issue, (she graces the cover) that when shes in Nashville, she shops at (gasp!!) Walgreens, Whole Foods and Kroger! AND again, just like us, while shes waiting in the check out line (Doesnt that look just like Nicole Kidman nah, impossible.) she reads the tabloid headlines! 

Nicole tells of running into James Franco recently and they chatted about tabloids, which at times have erroneously reported she and Keith Urban breaking up. Franco no stranger to gossip, advised: "Just learn to treat it as white noise." Like us, Nicole eats and shops for her family and draws the line if anyone dares talk badly about her and Keith's beloved, young daughters.