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Charles Busch — Chameleon, Chanteuse, Genius. Robert Redford — A Great Actor, a Great Star — Just Don't Mention his Good Looks.

  • Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013
Robert Redford on the cover of Hampton Sheet.
NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE. If you're lucky enough to meet the legendary Robert Redford in person, don't tell him how good looking he is because, according to Hampton Sheet publisher, Joan Jedell, he hates it! Redford graces the cover of the Memorial Day issue of the magazine. 

Jedell, who sat down with the screen and independent film legend, claims that when she met Redford it was cover at first sight! In her magazine, publisher Jedell chatted with the original Great Gatsby of the Hamptons, director/ producer and screen legend Robert Redford. 

Redford told Jedell that this first career choice was artist, not actor — and that when they made “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” — the "kid" was still something of an unknown quantity with a pretty face (He hates being known for that). He had only had one hit, “Barefoot in the Park” with Jane Fonda.

Well, “Butch Cassidy ...” truly launched Redford’s film career and gave him the name for his Sundance Film Festival, which in turn has launched the careers of many other actors and filmmakers. Joan's interview coupled with her signature hand painted cover of the star will make it seem like Robert Redford is sitting with you in your living room.