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Friday, August 14, 2015
by Liz Smith

Held Hostage by "Hostage Taker" Stefanie Pintoff's Amazing New Thriller ... Lizzy Caplan ... Lily Tomlin ... Marlon Brando ... Caitlyn Jenner.

THE new issue of Joan Jedell's Hampton Sheet magazine boasts cover girl Lizzy Caplan who plays Virginia Johnson in Showtime's "Masters of Sex."

Lizzy says, "The sex scenes weren't the only thing I had to become accustomed to and did! I had to learn to sit up straight and say 'yes' instead of 'yeah.'"

The series has moved forward well into the 1960s when Masters and Johnson's first book, "Human Sexual Response" was published. So now Lizzy can relax her posture and diction. But there was quite a bit of criticism when "Masters of Sex" debuted, in the matter of anachronistic dialogue.

Fans of the show are almost as transfixed by her character's precise pronunciation and luscious mouth as they are by her familiar, beautiful breasts.

P.S. The great Allison Janney is back this season, along with Beau Bridges (so very good!) who plays her closeted hubby. Janney, who won an Emmy last year for her work on the Showtime series and won another for the sitcom, "Mom" is again nominated.