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  • Posted: Sunday, April  6, 2014 | 2:06pm
Brinkley’s advice for ex Billy Joel: Sing with your daughter

Christie Brinkley, right, and daughter Alexa Ray Joel, left. Photo: FilmMagic

Alexa Ray Joel thanked everyone for coming to Café Carlyle to hear her sing during her two-week run there — especially “the love of my life.” She didn’t name him, but sources tell me he’s Ryan Gleason, a restaurateur.

But the singer’s mother, Christie Brinkley, thought it would have been great if Alexa’s father, Billy Joel, had come and sung a duet.

“She has proven herself and she should say to herself, ‘I’m the daughter of a legend…I’m so lucky and I want to sing with my dad while I can,’” Brinkley told Hampton Sheet’s Joan Jedell.

“Look at Natalie Cole, she had to sing with a film [of her dad, Nat King Cole]… I don’t want that to happen, I want them to work together. I think it would be logical now for them to be able to do something together,” Brinkley said. “She did such a great job tonight.”

The cheering crowd included Douglas Elliman’s Dottie Herman, Dr. Howard Sobel, Margo and Jimmy Nederlander and concert promoter Ron Delsener