Jedell Portraits In The Collections Of:

Cindy Adams Salvador Assael Alec Baldwin
Billy Baldwin Larry Burke Hillary Rodham Clinton
George Clooney Claudia Cohen Michael Douglas
Clint Eastwood Jonathan Farkas Mia Farrow
Jeff Furman Mark Green Martin & Audrey Gruss
Marie & Steven Haimes Mai Hallingby Michelle Herbert
Lauren Howard Peter Jennings Billy Joel
David & Julia Koch Betsy McCaughey Gail Melhado
Paul Newman Al Pacino Regis & Joy
Burt & Judith Resnick Joy Rosenthal Wilbur Ross
Salman Rushdie Mickey & Paola Schulhof Lori Shabtai
Benny Shabtai Liz Smith Steven Spielberg
Barbaralee & Carl Spielevogel John & Andrea Stark Rod Stewart
Barbara Tober Kathleen Turner Barbara Walters
Alan Wilzig Denise & Larry Wohl Dawn Zimmerman
And More

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